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Company Presentation - Pragmatic, involved, implementation-oriented

In order to bring your projects easier to the finish line, you do not have to constantly reinvent the wheel of project management, you simply have to use it well oiled.

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Publications for successful project Managers

"Machen ist Macht" - Audiobook from Susanne Neuhaus
"How projects can be successfully managed without specialized knowledge."

Many years of experience with a variety of projects in the IT industry are the basis for the guide by Susanne Neuhaus.
The guide is ideal for everyday use, for example, even if you "only" want to perform a private project successfully (e.g. a move). And if project management is needed in your job, the simple and precise tips for a prompt implementation are very suitable.
The author clearly names the conditions for success and at the same time also lists the tools that are essential for successful project management. From target definition, over resource planning and controlling, up to closing report – Susanne Neuhaus gives methodes and tips who work, for all project phases.

The audiobook is available in German as download at Audible.